Arable Farmer

Tom is a farmer, he works 7 days a week on his farm, like his father and his grandfather before him. Farming is in his blood, he grows potatoes, he looks after his soil, he plants correctly, rotates, uses very little chemical, grows a good solid maris piper, which are harvested carefully. 

His soil has excellent values and are regulary tested and certified by the soil association, his potatoes are of the highest grade, he maintains large hedgerows which support local bio diversity and reduces his yield; but realizes that the impact on the enviroment is greater than the revenue loss. 

He uses modern farming methods combined with the age old traditions and knowledge to deliver the very best product.


Tom is a proud farmer who treasures the tradition of farming, but is worried about the future of his profession and business. Despite all his hard work and dedication, Tom is heavily in debt, he is living hand to mouth and not breaking even. 

Even though his product is in the top 10%, his margins are tiny.

The problem

Supermarkets and wholesalers demand the biggest slice of the pie between 300/ 400%, he is paid virtually the same price for his potatoes than intensively farmed low grade potatoes. 

He is not big enough to be a brand and stand out, so the supermarkets and wholesalers push him to sell his potatoes to them at virtually the same price as the ones that are mass produced, Tom isn’t rewarded for the way he farms.

How can ChefChain help?

Tom is the sort of person who would benefit from the visibility, transparency and guaranteed self-certification that the food blockchain would provide.

Thus, he creates an account on the Chefchain site., then, he creates blocks that contains information on the priced potatoes, he includes all the required information to be recognised for the great grower that he is.

  • Farm / business address.
  • Farm history.
  • Website address.
  • Pictures of farm.
  • Soil association certificates.
  • Seed information.
  • Field rotation.
  • Organic certification.
  • Detailed product information.
  • Weather charts.
  • Growing practices.
  • Yield charts.

Once on the blockchain, Tom connects his product the generic potato block, he is now visible, when chefs or producers are looking to connect with potato suppliers, they can look into Tom’s block and they will see all the right information. 

Tom can also place a QR code on his boxes and sacks that follow the information back to the blockchain, Tom can also collect and produce the data between the blockchain and his servers through API interfaces, achieving an even higher level of digitalisation and demonstrate his digital credibility.