The edible blockchain

Created by a chef for chefs. The world first open, free, searchable food blockchain.

Part of the openchain project.


A culinary blockchain connecting chefs, suppliers and customers

Everybody wins.

Universal access to the culinary chain enabling connection and synergy without physical boundaries.

Free and Open

A culinary social network powered by the blockchain, where digital connections are forged and real world relationships are built. 

Simple Digitization

It brings simplification of the certification process to improve Ethics reporting. Improves adoption of digitization for the food and agriculture industry.


We are creating the world’s first open, public, searchable blockchain

to promote blockchain adoption in the global food chain at every level, its as simple as that. 


Food safety

Blockchain data drives food safety to another level


Food provenance

Blockchain enables a farm to fork supply chain solution


Recipe and process ownership

Intellectual Property of recipes and processes is guaranteed


Reduction of food waste

Real data flow significantly reduces food waste in the recall system


Bring your business out of the proverbial stone age

First and foremost our mission is to promote adoption of the blockchain in the foodspace at all levels. 

We passionately believe the disruptive nature of the blockchain has the possibility to provide the data that can lead to solving the big problems in the food chain, And that transparency will place the power into the hands of the chefs, producers & consumers. 

By promoting the blockchain as a tool and promoting its potential in the food space, we want the food industry to realize the value and reap the many benefits of this powerful tool.


The food industry will be one of the primary benefactors

We believe that the food chain should be driven and controlled by consumer choice, a consumer that makes choices that benefit the food chain through pure data, rather than voodoo marketing.

A level playing field for everyone, where consumers get the value they deserve, farmers & growers get to keep a bigger slice of the pie and re invest and innovate to meet the demands of the end user.


What are our challenges?

We have to promote adoption of the blockchain at all levels which is going to be a massive task, this means that we have to sell the benefits to everyone, but for everyone the benefits differ slightly in importance.

25 Companies

to onboard to show the best use case for the for the blockchain in the food space.

Develop a viable

and upscale-able and user friendly product as the bedrock of everything we do.


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