About Us

As a chef for the last 25 years I’ve noticed that provenance of ingredients is becoming more important to the consumer, at the same time as supply chains have become more complex and food fraud is at an all time high.

‘Customers want to know where their beef was reared, what it ate and how it lived’

Informed customers can make conscious choices

I came to the blockchain and found a solution to the problem, the clear data ownership and transparency it delivers is a fantastic step towards food transparency.


Meet Our Team

Our Team Members

The Chef

Damien Taylor

Damien is a passionate executive chef with 25yrs experience of cooking in busy kitchens and dealing with the global supply chain.

The Chain

Maurizio Garzelli

Maurizio is an IT professional with 25 years of Experience, self described geek, this is where the passion for food and technology hit the sweet spot.

The Anchor

Tania Hudig

Tania is an all-rounded professional with a pragmatic view, she helps ChefChain stay on focus, helps with governance and project management.