Ramon is a well-known award-winning local chef who is famous for his passion for local ingredients, he has a 100 seater restaurant and mostly fully booked, his recipes are very precise and his loyal customer base love his seasonal approach with traditional dishes with a slight twist. 


One of his most famous dish is his gratin dauphinoise with gruyere cheese, this dish runs from October till March and is served with every table.

This dish is his pride and the ‘flagship’ of the restaurant. It is important for Ramon to be able to deliver the best version of the dish at all times and with all the quality and confidence that a master chef such as himself can manifest.

Another thing that he would like to achieve is recognition for his innovative mind and his vision when it comes to creating new and exciting recipes.

The problem

Ramon struggles to get consistently good local ingredients for his dishes, even in season he suspects that he is still getting mass farmed all year round produce, but he has to rely on his suppliers, a busy chef doesn’t have the time to go the market like in the movies, his supplier is only able to get the produce he can buy from his produce suppliers.

Ramon feels like he is cheating his customers,  he is particularly worried about his signature ‘Gratin Dauphinoise’ the potatoes and cream aren’t good enough for his signature dish & his supplier keeps delivering inferior gruyere cheese.

Also, he would love to share with the world the recipe that he has come up with all the while without loosing ownership and recognition for his intellectual vision.

How can ChefChain help?

ChefChain is built with chefs in mind. Chefs can gain copyright protection of their recipes by loading them into a recipe block and achieve digitally signed time stamped validation, so Ramon could copyright his famous Gratin Dauphinoise.

Once his recipe is on the blockchain, he can set about looking for ingredients to connect to his recipe block, potatoes from Tom’s farm, cream from Dirk’s cows, Claudia’s gruyere, keeping his signature dish on point,  making solid connections all delivered by Jan and tracked on the blockchain.

Ramon can place all his recipes on the blockchain and explore the blockchain for the right ingredients saving him time and money, build up a digital provenance and get credit for his recipes, if anyone uses his recipe they can credit him and reward him with Chef tokens, every block he connects with he earns Chef tokens.

If Ramon ever decided to leave ‘The cellar’, he can just change the company he works for and his recipes blocks will stay with him and thus getting the credit for his new location, building up a digital CV.