Water usage
14451 liter per kg product, 130 liter per Cup // 3 minutes in the shower
Land use
21,6 M per kg product (generic), 0,19 m per cup // 4 pavement standard pavement tiles
CO2 per kg
9,9 kg C02e per kg product (generic), 0,009 kg per cup // 2 minutes of driving
Roasting information
Propane is used when roasting coffee because of its lower CO2 emissions compared to natural gas. There is no afterburning during the burning process, resulting in gas consumption that is 3x lower than conventional methods.
Social impact
Coffee production is predominantly carried out by small farmers who often live in poverty. We support women in Colombia who work on coffee plantations and empower women within ‘less privileged’ communities. We pay a fair price for the coffee to ensure that the money is reinvested in the community (focus on training) significantly improving people’s lives.
Social impact
The roasting and packaging of coffee is carried out by people who are distanced from the labor market.
True pricing promise
True Pricing
A contribution of €1 per kilogram of coffee to IWCA supports their efforts to reduce gender inequality in coffee-producing countries.

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This is where the coffee is grown